quarta-feira, junho 13, 2007

Sobre o Retiro.

Quanto a mim, ausento-me não por má-vontade, mas apenas por certo período: a Águia necessita de momentos de solidão no Cume da Montanha do Ser.

In: "Epístolas sobre o Amor", pág.55
Awmergin, o Bardo

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enza disse...

anch'io spesso sento la necessità della solitudine...ciao bardo

Awmergin, o Bardo disse...

I don't speak italian, dear Enza... I am so sorry!
However, Ancient Latin and Greek I have studied years ago with my german professor called Emmanuel Lamprecht.
Speak some italian would be nice! I shall think about it.
And thank you very much for your visits in my Poetic and Philosophical Garden!

enza disse...

Your garden is very very nice! I don't understand your language...I am so sorry too because I am sure that your poetry is very interesting!
Ciao...a presto bardo :)

ps my blog is "l'isola che c'è"
look at http://isolamente.splinder.com/

Awmergin, o Bardo disse...

Dear Enza,
It is a great pleasure to me be here!
I believe our meeting it was "Un incontro non casuale" as you said in your language.
meet you is , now, a great reason to lean italian.

I hope we continue keeping this marvelous mutual contact.
Your fnew friend from Amazonia, Brazil...

Awmergin, the Bard